Befriending – Testimonials – February 2021

Testimonial from Maite (Befriender)

“I joined the befriend service because I wanted to give back and have an impact on a specific person.

Over the years, I have supported other charities by raising money. Although it was a great feeling to be able to contribute, I realized it was not really fulfilling me.

I wanted to know that my efforts would be supporting a person and that would require my time commitment not money.

I have found the experience very rewarding. I love the opportunity to share my time, my life and memories with my befriender.

It has been a very nice surprise to realise how easy it was to find commonalities, things to talk about and enjoy each other’s company.”



“I am so lucky to have L, she’s a great friend.”
“He’s a real gent. H and I always have something to chat about.”
“Without J, I’d be quite lonely. She’s a good friend I can’t wait to see her again.”
“P is a real tonic, he is a good friend”