Befriending – Testimonials

Testimonial from Befriender – Shelley L

“We are increasingly aware of how many people in our communities are suffering from loneliness, so I felt that an hour each week wasn’t too hard to find, if it could help in a small way. And in fact, meeting and getting to know my befriendee has been a real pleasure and a privilege. Spending time chatting together, and hearing her colourful reminiscences, has become a really rewarding part of my week.”

Testimonial from Befriender Mara H

The befriending service at Surrey Health Age Concern is one of the most rewarding experiences. My mother lived with us for the last four years of her life. It was an enormous loss when she passed at the age of 83.

I contacted Surrey Heath Age Concern, and they matched me to Rose. We instantly “clicked.” I’ve now been a friend to Rose for over two years. She reminds me so much of my mother, and I think if my mother were alive today, they would get on like a house on fire! I visit Rose once a week. We talk about all sorts of topics ranging from her childhood experiences, gardening (which we both enjoy), family and our love for animals. She’s also given me excellent parenting advice!

Rose has difficulty walking, so we don’t go far. However, we have been for a drive, and we have been to the local café. Every so often, when the weather is nice, we walk up and down her street for a bit of fresh air and exercise. When she feels up to it, she visits me. The last time she came over, I put on big band music, and we danced in the kitchen.

Rose has become part of my family, and I think I could say I have become part of hers as well. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have Rose in my life. She is a bright ray of sunshine.



“I am so lucky to have L, she’s a great friend.”
“He’s a real gent. H and I always have something to chat about.”
“Without J, I’d be quite lonely. She’s a good friend I can’t wait to see her again.”
“P is a real tonic, he is a good friend”