Tea and War Time Memories

On the 30th May, I attended the vintage tea party, this was a tea party with a difference, as well as all our usual favorites, a delicious selection of sandwiches and cakes, all the tea one could possibly drink, some great company and the sing-a-long, we were joined by Kathy Joice from Camberley Museum.

Guests “Doing the Lambeth Walk”

Kathy kindly brought a selection of items from the museum’s collection, dating from the Second World War, these included: a blackout lantern, a nasty looking piece of shrapnel, a gas mask case, a hand bag with a gas mask compartment (note: if you have a WW2 gas mask at home, don’t panic, but please do take specialist advice as it may contain asbestos in the filter), a selection of information guides on topics such as how to use gas masks in the event of a chemical attack, what to do in an air raid, an air raid warden’s helmet, and an evacuee’s suit case complete with teddy, story book and minimal child’s clothing. This certainly rekindled the wartime memories amongst many of our older guests, who certainly enjoyed telling those of us too young to remember about their wartime experiences. It was fantastic to actually be able to touch items of such historical significance, wonder about the stories that they could tell, with someone who could tell the story sitting next to or opposite us! A completely different experience to the traditional museum, where the exhibits are usually kept behind glass!


Seizing the  chance to try on an important piece of our nation’s heritage and making us all roar with laughter in the process!

The afternoon was finished off with the SHAC Plate Dance, which may be described as Surrey Heath Age Concern’s answer to the river dance with plates; however this description does not really adequately describe the spectacle. In my opinion, our video (at the end of this page) describes this far better than words can just count the number of smiling faces in the room, it’s great to see so many people having such a great time!

A fantastic chance to share those memories with an interested audience.

Many thanks to Gill, Peter, Joan and Kathy for helping out on the day, with serving and the organisation.

The typical contents of a WW2 evacuees suitcase.


Put that light out!  A Second World War lantern, specially adapted for the blackout.


Investigating the contents of the evacuees suitcase!


A very nasty looking piece of shrapnel, dating from 1943.


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