Collateral Damage

Since the start of the intense lockdown we have been ringing the attendees of our Social events on a weekly basis and also many of our volunteers, who are elderly and live alone or are caring for a partner.

During the phone calls we noticed many of our elderly people have lost confidence and we have had to assist with some exceedingly difficult situations such as bereavement of a partners, deteriorating mental health and mobility issues and the considerable stress caused by the difficulty of accessing health care services.

We will continue supporting all our elderly people and have had more referrals from other organisations i.e., Social prescribing, Home from Hospital and we are still supporting people that Surrey Heath Prepared referred to us in March.

We are hoping we can engage more volunteers to work with us as people are freed up to venture out, they will need support of good hearted local people to help build up their confidence.

We look forward to when life returns to normal and we can celebrate properly with all our elderly friends and volunteers.