COVID Champions Update – 11th March 2021

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Local Update:

In the last 7 days*, there have been 22 positive coronavirus tests recorded in Surrey Heath, with a 57% decrease compared to last weeks’ figures (51 cases).

Surrey Heath has moved down on the table, having the 3rd lowest rates in Surrey, whilst Surrey as a whole continues to drop in case numbers. With a collective decrease of 28% in all positive cases of coronavirus in the last 7 days* across all of Surrey, the total recorded number is now at 393.

With this good news, and so many green arrows on the table, it is important to encourage people to continue to ‘act as though they have the virus’ and follow the ‘hands, face, space’ guidance to continue the fight against the virus.

The daily coronavirus updates for Surrey can be accessed here.

*Data shown for time period 1st March to 7th March 2021


  • Has up-to-date, helpful FAQs
  • Published on 11th March (figures from 7th March) – 228,924 doses have been delivered across Frimley ICS, 35,382 of those doses delivered by Surrey Heath CCG practices (94.4% 60+ received at least one dose).
  • From 15th March the Lakeside site will be open 7 days per week 0800 – 2000.
  • Second doses are now in full flow in order to meet the 12 week requirement.
  • National Vaccination Service (NVS) has now started using text messaging. Those in cohorts 7 & 8 may have already received a text from the NVS but will also shortly receive one from the Lakeside Hub affording a degree of choice depending on timing and ability to travel.

Surrey Heartlands:

Unpaid Carers

Please advise unpaid carers to ensure they are registered as such with their GP. Their systems will then pick this up and include within JCVI Cohort 6.

Vaccine ‘waiting list’:

What happens with ‘spare’ vaccines?

Occasionally our vaccination sites may have surplus vaccine supplies that need using up towards the end of the day (this generally only applies if we are using the Pfizer vaccine which has a short shelf-life). It’s really important we don’t waste any of this precious resource, but we have clear protocols in place to ensure we use the vaccine appropriately and in a fair way. We do not operate any ‘waiting lists’ nor are we able to administer the vaccine to anyone without an appointment.

Where we do have supplies that need using quickly, our vaccination sites would proactively contact eligible patients or health and care staff on their lists to see if they can come in at short notice. We only contact those in the current priority group. Please do not come without an appointment.

Unfortunately, we are aware of some messages circulating on social media that suggest people are able to simply turn up, but this is not the case.

Schools reopening:

Schools reopened on 8 March as the first step in the plan to ease lockdown – see guidance for parents and carers.

Twice-weekly symptom-free tests available for anyone in the same household or bubble as a pupil or staff.

There are three different ways to get tested:

  • Book into a symptom-free test site.
  • Collect a home test from a local test site (these are not the symptom-free test sites).
  • Order a home test through the Government if you can’t get to a local site.

For full details see Surrey County Council: COVID-19 Testing for households and bubbles of school pupils and staff.

Please note:

  • Pupils will continue to be tested at school or college.
  • School and college staff can access home testing kits via their workplace.