Ethel Thomas

Ethel Thomas at 104, is our oldest Befriendee living in her own home – her Grand daughter writes:

“I am writing to thank Surrey Heath Age Concern for finding a wonderful fun loving befriender into my grandma’s life. Before March 2020, Suzanne was visiting Ethel each week. Ethel loves talking about when she went dancing and places she has lived and her love for cooking too. I am very grateful that I was able to meet both Suzanne and Angela in the garden last year (adhering to the COVID regulations), we had a joyous meet up chatting about Ethel and how we were keeping ourselves busy.

I would like to thank Suzanne for writing to Ethel each week, I know the carers give her the cards to read. Suzanne’s love and kindness is a blessing, Ethel’s family are truly thankful for the love and support. We would like to think Ethel inspires others to be happy and laugh and be grateful for the good things in life which make us all smile. They did laugh in Boots when I told them the nine compacts were essential items for my grandma and that they may only last a month or two! “How old is your grandma” they asked, “103yrs” I replied “OMG yes it is essential.

Thank you for being there for our grandma and for all the people you help”