One of the most worthwhile and lasting gifts you could ever make is to leave a legacy in your Will to Surrey Heath Age Concern.

Your gift will ensure we can continue to offer a personal befriending service to the isolated elderly of Surrey Heath Borough, giving them the gift of a long-term friendship.

One of our Befrienders Lorraine, "has been Befriending Betty", for 10 years. There was a 60-year age gap, but they built up such a lasting genuine friendship that Betty became an integral part of her family. The bond even continued when Betty went into a care home, they continued ‘Skyping’ until she recently passed away.

How to leave a legacy gift in your Will

If you would like to include Surrey Heath Age Concern CIO in your will, please ask your solicitor to use our full name and details to ensure the gift reaches us.

These are:

Surrey Heath Age Concern CIO is a registered charity in England and Wales 1175933 Registered Office: Upper floor 20 Salisbury Grove, Mytchett, Camberley GU15 6BP

If you have any questions, please contact us.

When making or updating your Will, we recommend that you get professional advice from a solicitor. If you don’t already have a solicitor you can search for one on the Law Society website.

Frequently asked questions:

Are there any tax benefits to leaving a legacy?

Any money left to charity in a will is free from Inheritance Tax. However, this is a complex area, and we recommend that you seek professional advice if in doubt. Please see for more information.

How do I leave a gift in my will?

There are many ways to leave a gift in a will. Your solicitor will be able to help you, but here is a brief description of the most common routes:
A gift of money in your will – a pecuniary gift.
This is where you choose to leave us a specific amount of money.
A specific gift in your will – a specific gift.
You can choose to leave us a specific item, such as jewellery or property.
A share of your estate – a residuary gift.
Once you have taken care of your loved ones, you can leave a share of, or the remainder of your estate to Surrey Heath Age Concern.
A gift when a trust ends – a reversionary gift.
This is where you set up a trust in your will so that someone can enjoy the benefit of some money or property during their lifetime. Afterwards, the remaining money or property would come to Surrey Heath Age Concern.

If you are unsure of which is the best route for you, we recommend you consult a solicitor.

What if I do not have a will?

If you do not have a Will, we recommend that you visit the Law Society website for a list of legal professionals. You will be able to find a solicitor locally to help you prepare your Will. Remember, if you die without making a Will, you will be classed as dying ‘intestate’ and your estate may not be distributed as you had wished.

What information do I need to provide my solicitor?

When visiting your solicitor, you will need to take the following details with you:
Our name: Surrey Heath Age Concern CIO
Registered address: Upper floor 20 Salisbury Grove, Mytchett, Camberley GU16 6BP
Registered charity number: 1175933 (England and Wales)

Do I need to let you know if I have left anything to Surrey Heath Age Concern in my will?

By letting us know your intentions it will help us to plan more effectively. It also gives us a chance to thank you. Any information you provide is confidential and in no way legally binding.

What if I change my mind?

You are free to amend your will at any time. We understand that circumstances change. All we ask is that you notify us if you do change your mind as it helps us to plan for the elderly people we serve.

To find out more please contact us.