Leave Us A Gift In Your Will

Firstly we thank you for considering us in your will, we appreciate that writing your will is an extremely delicate and personal subject, but leaving a gift after you pass away to Surrey Heath Age Concern is a wonderful legacy to leave, that is absolutely vital to helping us to help lonely, isolated and vulnerable residents in the borough of Surrey Heath.

There are three main types of gifts that you can leave:

1. A Pecuniary Gift – This is a specific sum of money, it is worth bearing in mind that due to inflation, this type of gift will almost certainly be worth less when you die that it was when you wrote your will.

2. A Residuary Gift –  This type of gift is a percentage of your estate once other gifts specified in your will have been given to friends and family. This is a popular choice because it allows you to ensure that you provide for the needs of your family first.

3. A Specific Gift – This is a specific item of value you own, it could be property, land, stocks, shares, jewellery or an antique.

A good solicitor will be able to advise you further on which option is best for you and assist you in writing a new will or changing your existing will.  Please contact us if you would like our help in anyway with this matter or any further information, if you decide to leave us a gift you can tell us beforehand or leave it as a surprise, the choice is entirely yours. Including us in your will really is a very simple process and you gift is inheritance tax free.

On behalf of Surrey Heath Age Concern CIO and all the elderly, lonely, isolated and vulnerable residents of Surrey Heath, we thank you for your final act of kindness.