Tea and Chatter Visits Mytchett Church

On Sunday the 5th May, SHAC’s monthly Tea and Chatter event was held at the ideal, if a little unusual venue of Mytchett Baptist church, T&C events are usually held at hostesses homes. Our Tea and Chatter Group was welcomed by the Pastor Kofi Darko from the Perez Church and also some of the Mytchett Baptist Church’s congregation. Volunteers from the Perez church prepared a beautiful High Tea for the thirty guests, who were clearly delighted to meet some of the children from the church who proved to be model hosts. Looking at our fantastic photos of the event and all those smiling faces, I think it is crystal clear that our Tea and Chatter events provide the perfect antidote to loneliness and isolation!

SHAC holds Tea and Chatter events on the first Sunday of the month, as sadly Sunday is the most lonely day of the week for our lonely, isolated older generation. Currently we are looking for hostesses, for our T&C events if you can help and it’s a really wonderful thing to do, please click here for all the details and we thank you so much!