Visiting and Befriending Service


Our borough, Surrey Heath has an increasing number of elderly residents, many of them suffer with poor heath and/or reduced mobility, therefore it can be very difficult for them to get out-and-about, like the rest of us. Their friends and family may not be able to visit them, or they may not have family and their friends may have passed away. As a result they often become isolated, lonely and housebound; often feeling vulnerable and have increasing difficulty in coping with the complications of modern life.

How it works

Referrals originate from local GP surgeries, Health Visitors, Social Care Teams, family and friends, some may be identified through contact with SHAC or by self referral. Our volunteer befrienders are carefully selected and screened, this process includes a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and full training.

The ladies in our office run an introductory service, befrienders are matched with befriendees, based on criteria such as: interests, background, sex, smoker status, location etc. To ensure the relationship between both parties is mutually beneficial, after the initial meeting there is a one month trial period; following this our office receive regular updates from all our befrienders and our office team are always available to support both befriender and befriendee.

How you can help

Our mission is to help as many lonely, isolated and vulnerable people in our borough as possible, to do this we need as many volunteers as we can find, put simply we need you! Almost anyone can volunteer, no qualifications are required, training is provided, it does not matter what type of person you are, the only requirement is a desire to make a difference, please contact us now!

Please Note

People with severe mental health problems, dementia, or drug and alcohol dependency require support from agencies specialising in these fields and that SHAC will NOT be able to provide this. In these cases referral to another appropriate organisation is recommended.